"Several critics have cited pianist Theo Hill as a rising star, and in one way that's apropos given Interstellar Adventures being the title of his latest release, his second on the Posi-Tone label. But "rising" needs to be updated nowadays, and even more so after this trio date with bassist Rashaan Carter and drummer Rudy Royston. The songs on Interstellar Adventures, particularly "Cyclic Episode" (a Sam Rivers tune off the 1965 album Fuchsia Swing Song) and "Gyre," fall comfortably between Hill's impressionistic collages of sound, often delivered with a bell-like sonority, and the unrelenting furious passages that can leave a listener breathless."                          -Downbeat

"Carter and Royston are a phenomenal rhythm section - the former a real under-the-radar master - yet Hill is firmly in command of the session, pointing the way every moment. His playing is at its most sophisticated and assertive, synthesizing all sorts of things that have come before, from the '60s Miles Davis Quintet through McCoy Tyner, Brad Mehldau and Jason Moran, and he now has a strong, personal voice to go with his terrific pianism. The foundation of straight ahead swing is always there and so is a fully integrated modernism, elements of rock and funk. There's not a weak spot on the record. In fact it seems like it gets better and better as it goes along."                    -The New York City Jazz Record

"Theo Hill just seems to get better and better as the years go on - a fantastically sensitive pianist, but one with a hell of a lyrical swing as well - here moving into territory that might even rival Cedar Walton or Kenny Barron at their best!"                  -Dusty Groove

"Not hearing any throw backs to Chick Corea's 7th Galaxy stuff here, just loads of creative improv jazz piano trio work that stays on point throughout."        -Midwest Record

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"Theo Hill, a vital young pianist at play in New York's straight-ahead tradition, has a new album out. It's called "Promethean," and it tells you what you need to know about him: Harmonically, he's got a bright and tangy palette; rhythmically, he shifts gears easily and often, weaving in traffic and keeping you engaged. His compositions sometimes betray a subtle Caribbean influence, as well as the standard markers of postbop." -The New York Times

"the dominant motif of Promethean is that of a young pianist reveling in the imperial command of his instrument" -JazzTimes

"The record is ample evidence that the thirty-something New York City-based artist is rapidly securing a place in the crowded field of noteworthy contemporary jazz pianists...Hill's interpretations of a wide range of material and his exhilarating improvisations make Promethean an impressive recording"             

-All About Jazz

"it's Hill's formidable piano chops and probing arrangements that make this album such a winning statement" -Downbeat

"The music is alive with intelligent nuance, stylish surety and tonal allure." -JAZZdaGAMA

"Hill is an undisputed contender waiting for his change at the crown." -Midwest Record

"The only original piece "The Phoenix" comes at the disc's exact midpoint, and it's a burner, allowing Whitfield in particular to go wild as Hill strikes heavy left hand chords and erupts in right hand extrapolations that recall McCoy Tyner and Vinve Guaraldi in equal measure." -The Wire