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"Theo Hill, a vital young pianist at play in New York's straight-ahead tradition, has a new album out. It's called "Promethean," and it tells you what you need to know about him: Harmonically, he's got a bright and tangy palette; rhythmically, he shifts gears easily and often, weaving in traffic and keeping you engaged. His compositions sometimes betray a subtle Caribbean influence, as well as the standard markers of postbop." -The New York Times
"the dominant motif of Promethean is that of a young pianist reveling in the imperial command of his instrument" -JazzTimes
"The record is ample evidence that the thirty-something New York City-based artist is rapidly securing a place in the crowded field of noteworthy contemporary jazz pianists...Hill's interpretations of a wide range of material and his exhilarating improvisations make Promethean an impressive recording"             -All About Jazz
"it's Hill's formidable piano chops and probing arrangements that make this album such a winning statement" -Downbeat
"The music is alive with intelligent nuance, stylish surety and tonal allure." -JAZZdaGAMA
"Hill is an undisputed contender waiting for his change at the crown." -Midwest Record
"The only original piece "The Phoenix" comes at the disc's exact midpoint, and it's a burner, allowing Whitfield in particular to go wild as Hill strikes heavy left hand chords and erupts in right hand extrapolations that recall McCoy Tyner and Vinve Guaraldi in equal measure." -The Wire